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"A Whiter Shade of Pale" "A Whiter Shade of Pale" - Scott skated to this Procol Harem song during the Stars On Ice 1993 tour.
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U-CD Sparkshire Charisma On Ice CGC RN RL1X RL2

Scottie - 21 months

  • March 5, 2007, at 9 years old, Scottie passed his Canine Good Citizen test!
  • September 15, 2007, Scottie earns his APDT Rally Level I title!
  • February 17, 2008, at ten years old, Scottie earns his APDT Rally Level II title!
  • November 11, 2008, Scottie earns his AKC Rally Novice title.
  • February 15, 2009, at eleven years old, Scottie earns his APDT Rally Level I Championship title
  • March 8, 2009, Scottie earns his U-CD and first leg toward his UKC Novice Rally title


In appreciation for all the hours of entertainment that
Scott Hamilton has given us and in tribute to his courageous battle with cancer.
Welcome back to the ice, Scott!


Scottie - 21 months

Scottie pictured at 21 months (September 1999)


"I firmly believe that the only disability in life is a bad attitude" -Scott Hamilton


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Scottie - 15 months Scottie - 15 months

15 months old

4 months old

5 weeks old

Scottie's Pedigree



Proud Scott Hamilton Fan


Joelle's Scott Hamilton Fan Page

The NEW Testicular Cancer Resource Center

Make-A-Wish Foundation® of America


If you're a Scott Hamilton fan, check out these titles:

Stars On Ice: An Intimate Look at Skating's Greatest Tour Stars On Ice: An Intimate Look at Skating's Greatest Tour
~Scott Hamilton, Barry Wilner~
Scott Hamilton - Star Figure Skater (Sports Reports) ~Barry Wilner~
"Landing It" My Life On and Off The Ice - Scott Hamilton Landing It  - My Life On and Off The Ice 
~Scott Hamilton, Lorenzo Benet~ 
Published 1999



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