Rusty's Pedigree

Origin: Pet Store/Rescue

Whelped April 6, 1996


					Ch. Sunnybrook's Matchmaker (OFA)
				Ch. Sunnybrook's Image Maker (OFA Good)
					Romayne's Close Encounter
			Ch. Autumn Oak's Someday Soon (OFA Good, Cerf 102)
					Ch. Alfenloch Whirlwind ROM ROMC (OFA Excellent)
				Mainstay Magic's In The Wind
					Sea Oak Diamonds Are Forever (OFA Excellent)
		Savage's Pride
					Ch. Benayr Here Comes Trouble CD ROM (OFA Excellent)
				Benayr Into Mischief (OFA Good)
					Benayr Ba-Barbra Ann
			Spring Creek Mischief Maker (OFA Fair)
					Ch. Sunnybrook's Image Maker (OFA Good)
				Ozark Crest Hearts On Fire
					Ozark Crest Rose Garden (OFA Excellent)
	Autry's Little Red Fox
					Rocky Top's Bill Junior
				West Lake's Rocky Top Baron
					Rocky Top's Jessica James
			Ashley's Dusty
					Kuehl's Joe
				Princess Katie Ann West Lake
					Harshaw's Lady Princess
		Dusty Queen
					Ch. Bill's Ruff CD
				Rocky Top's Bill Junior
					Courtney Chenterra
			Bessette's Queen Anne
					Rocky Top's Last Chance CDX
				Rocky Top's Cotton Candy
					Rocky Top's Candy Cane CD
					King Of Sunnyacres
				Lassy's Prince
			Kuehl's Joe
					Kuehl's Rex
				B And W Mischief Minx
					Dellen's Bit-O-Muff Brilari
		One Man Army Rambo
					Mister Bo Jangles XIII
				Waggin Tail's Chipper
					Midnite Sissy Beauty
			Music Box Dancing Miss
					Waggin Tail's Prince
				Waggin Tail's Lady
					Woltje's Cinderella
	Autry's Brown Sugar
					Ch. Chenterra Standing Ovation
				Ch. Sun Struck Chenterra's Encore
					Chenterra Lanlee Tarnation
			Rex Of Mistyglen
					Ch. Chisterling Brandy
				Misty Of Lilburn
					Plunkett Boy's Sheltie
		Johnny's Renay
					Mini Size Lassie's Rex
				Brandy Lee X
					Jackie Lee
			Brandy Jan
					Barbie's Bo
				West Lake's Princess
					Barbie's Doll


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