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"Come Touch the Sun" "Come Touch the Sun" - from the movie "Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid" (sequenced by S. Sparks)

A special person in my Mom

Portrait of Mom

Eileen Brown
1925 - 1988

"You are safe here in my heart, and my heart will go on..."

One of Mom's favorite pastime's - reading cookbooks

Mom loved to read cookbooks
and try new recipes.

You're Always With Me

Tribute to my Mom

You sacrificed so much for us,
And did it willingly,
You gave us love and soothed our pains
And worried endlessly.

You washed our clothes and cleaned our home
And did the shopping too,
You never loved us any less
For what we put you through.

We were always first to you
We never had a doubt,
If there was something that we needed
You would go without.

You gave so freely of yourself
So we could be our best
That's something many never know
And why I feel so blessed.

I never thought I'd feel such pain
So many tears I've cried,
But you still live within my heart
You never really died.

Susan Sparks


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