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Conviction of the Heart midi "Conviction of the Heart" - Kenny Loggins (Right click to control music)

Ryladd Convictn of the Heart - Lindsay
Lindsay - July 1998

Pictured in July 1998

Lindsay earned her CGC on January 9, 2007 at the age of 13 years, 1 month.

What makes this really special is that Lindsay went into sudden congestive heart failure on December 4, 2006, just three days before her last competition obedience class. We didn't even know if she would make it through the night when we took her to the emergency hospital. Lindsay now has a severe heart murmur and the vets talk about her survival time in months. She continues to have good and bad days, but most of her days are good. We know she will never earn any obedience titles, so we treasure her CGC.

Lindsay - 15 months Lindsay - 13 weeks

Pictured at 15 months

Pictured at 13 weeks



OFA Excellent/Cerf/vWD 118%

Whelped 12/9/93

15 3/8"

				Banchory Private Enterprise
			Ch. Legacy Steela Breeze
				Banchory Flow Blue CD
		Ch. Catomco's Steela Holiday (OFA-G)
				Ch. September The Convincer ROM
			Catomco's Judy Holiday
				Can. Ch. Catomco's Kitty Holiday 
	Am./Can. Ch. Glademist Dueling Banjos (OFA-G)
				Am./Can. Ch. Banchory Deep Purple ROM ROMC
			Ch. Rosmoor Robert Of Migadala ROM
				Rosmoor Symphony Of Migadala
		Lanbur Breeze On By
				Ch. Wayanet's Magic Sandman ROM
			Lanbur Wayanet Mary Hartman
				Wayanet's Gingersnap
Ch. Jade Mist Beyond Tradition ROM (OFA-G)
				Am./Can. Ch. Barwoods Weather Report ROM (OFA)
			Ch. Jade Mist Suntide
				Ch. Jade Mist Woodwind Chimes
		Ch. Jade Mist A Case In Point (OFA-G)
				Ch. Lingard Centurion O'Cahaba ROM (OFA)
			Parlay's Dallas Of Jer-Nic
				Ch. Cahaba Miss Elegant Of Jer-Nic ROM
	Jade Mist Social Climber
				Ch. September's Rainmaker ROM (OFA)
			Am./Can. Ch. Barwoods Weather Report ROM (OFA)
				Ch. Barwood's Summer Storm
		Ch. Jade Mist Windspell
				Ch. Dorlane's Scalawag
			Ch. Jade Mist Woodwind Chimes HC
				Ch. Jade Mist Twilight Song
				Ch. Crawford Choice Challenge
			Ch. Rockwood Gentle Ben CD
				Jo-Lyn's Autumn Haze O'Rockwood
		O.T.Ch. Jo-Lyn's Chip Off The Old Block UD
				Cadaras Artful Adonis UD
			Jo-Lyn's Midnite Majesty
				Jo-Lyn's Wee Bit-O-Glee
	Jo-Lyns Rock 'N Rye UD (OFA-G)
				Ch. Halstor's Peter Pumpkin ROM ROMC
			Ch. Brecon Great Expectations
				Ch. Jo-Lyn's Brecon Highland Legacy
		Jo-Lyn's Pat 'N Pending CD
				Ch. Knightwood Devon
			Jo-Lyn's Dark Devotion O'Romads
				Jo-Lyn's Special Ability
Ryladd Make Me Laugh CD AXJ MX (OFA-G)
				Ch. Malpsh The Duke Of Erle
			Fair Play Of Sea Isle ROM
				Ch. Kawartha's Fair Game ROM
		Ch. Romayne's Sportin Life ROM (OFA)
				Ch. Halstor's Peter Pumpkin ROM ROMC
			Beltane Romayne
				Beltane High Barbaree
	Miss Aggie Romayne
				Lingard Golden Idol
			Scotchguard Schooner
				Scotchguard Say It With Music
		Pfisters Miss Scotchguard
				Ch. Beltane The Mutineer (OFA)
			Gemini Suite In Triad Harmony
				Lobo Dell Sonata By Moonlight

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