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Often times when people are thinking of buying a dog, they don't ask the right questions, or don't feel knowledgeable enough to ask questions at all.  It isn't until later, often when a problem arises, that they wish they had asked more questions and been more careful.  The general public is not aware of what they don't know.  In this section, I am attempting to offer information that will give puppy buyers knowledge and confidence to ask questions and make informed decisions.  Also, remember that responsible breeders want you to ask questions and should encourage you to do so.  They want their puppy buyers to be well informed, because that will make them better owners.  More articles will be forthcoming, so be sure to check back often.


  • Buying A Pure-Bred Puppy
  • What does "AKC" really mean?
  • Health Books
  • Training Books



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