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In the following, "Dog" refers to both sexes, puppy and adult.


1. We shall at all times act in the best interests of the breed in matters of sportsmanship, breeding, courtesy and all dealings with fellow breeders and the general public.

2. We shall at all times properly care for our dogs, being especially careful to keep shots up to date, keep dogs free of internal and external pests, and will provide safe, clean and sanitary living quarters for our dogs.

3. Dogs shall have sufficient exercise to maintain good health.

4. We shall provide a loving and nonabusive home for our dogs and will provide sufficient human contact to properly socialize our dogs. We will not keep more dogs than we can properly and consistently socialize.

6. We shall abide by all rules and regulations of the AKC and the UKC and will encourage all other owners to do the same. These rules include the keeping of records of ownership on dogs owned and bred and abiding by the dog show and registration rules.

7. We shall at all times attempt to present the breed to the public in a positive manner. Dogs taken to public gatherings will be clean and healthy and temperamentally good examples of the breed. We will make every attempt to be good neighbors, being careful to see that our dogs do not annoy our neighbors due to noise, poor care, unsightly living conditions, or running loose.

8. We shall represent ourselves and our dogs honestly, and shall make ourselves reasonably available to owners of dogs we have sold, to answer questions and provide guidance when requested.

9. All dogs used for breeding shall be free from communicable disease, in good health, and free of known genetic defects which would affect the health, lifespan, or suitability of the dog or its progeny. In conjunction with the awareness of such problems, we will seek to determine if breeding stock is free from defects by at least having stock x-rayed for hip dysplasia using the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals), PennHip (University of Pennsylvania) or OVC (Ontario Veterinary College) as a clearing agency and having stock tested for eye anomalies with a diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmology. Dogs will be screened for vWD. A copy of all test results shall be furnished for all dogs sold as show or breeding stock, or if requested by the buyer of pet stock. If it is later discovered that a dog is producing such defects, it will be removed from the breeding program. We shall seek to identify inherited thyroid disorders by having the thyroid levels on our breeding stock checked on a regular basis by using a lab with specific facilities for testing canines and/or by a vet who is knowledgeable about thyroid disorders and normal values for canines. Dogs with severe temperament problems such as extreme fear or aggression, or dogs in noticeably poor health will not be bred. Immunizations shall be kept current on all dogs, as advised by our veterinarian.

10. We shall not breed litters for profit, or without the expressed intention of bettering the breed. We shall limit the number of puppies we breed to those that can be sold into good and loving homes if we do not wish to keep them.

11. We shall make every effort to see that dogs we sell go to good and loving homes and that pet quality dogs are spayed and neutered. Pet buyers will not be asked to breed their dogs or be sold dogs with contracts that require breeding. Pet buyers are to be expressly advised that their dogs are not of breeding quality and are not to be bred. If we sell a dog for show or breeding and the dog proves unsuitable for the purpose, we will urge the owner to have the dog spayed or neutered and will not insist that the dog be bred to fulfill a contract.

12. If we sell a dog which the buyer subsequently does not want, we will either offer to take the dog back or assist in finding it a new home.

13. We shall not knowingly sell puppies or breeding stock to pet dealers, catalog houses, or other commercial sources; nor will dogs be given as prizes in contests or exploited to the detriment of the breed, nor shall we make our stud dogs available to those known to be dealers in dogs, nor shall we allow bitches purchased at pet shops to be bred to our studs.

14. Dogs sold with AKC or UKC papers shall be free from disease and health guaranteed for reasonable length of time. Any known defects shall be fully disclosed to the buyer.

15. We shall make no claims in advertising which are untrue or can be misconstrued by a reader. Wins listed will be for American shows and wins in foreign countries will be listed separately. The same holds true for listing of winning offspring. Dogs which have been tested clear of hip dysplasia will have their names followed by the name of the facility that did the evaluation. Dogs which have been tested clear of eye anomalies will be listed as eye normal. Dogs that have been tested clear of vWD shall be listed as vWD normal. Dogs that have been tested clear of thyroid disorders shall be listed as thyroid normal. Dogs that are used for breeding stock that are advertised as thyroid normal or eye normal shall be tested on an annual basis.

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