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OFA Good/OFA-EL/Cerf/vWD 83%

Whelped 7/11/87


			        Ch. Sundowner Mr Bojangles CD ROM
			Am./Can. Ch. Banchory Deep Purple ROM ROMC (OFA)
				Horizon White Ice
		Ch. Banchory Future Shock		
				Am./Can. Ch. Banchory Backstop ROM ROMC
			Banchory I'Ll Stand Bi ROM	
				Banchory Three-Oaks Theme
	Ch. Show Biz-Mar-D's Electrified			
				Ch. Sumersong Hurry Sundown
			Shawn Dar's Bi Courage	
				Shawn Dar's Tri It My Way
		Shawn Dar's Ricochet Romance		
				Ch. Bilgowan Grenadier
			Ch. Shawn Dar's Mist Of Gold	
				Lobo Dell Tigress
U-CDX Bressay Elsimae Sweet Dreams CDX CGC				
				Fair Play Of Sea Isle ROM
			Ch. Halstor's Peter Pumpkin ROM ROMC	
				Ch. Sea Isle Rhapsody Of Halstor
		Ch. Northcountry Westering Son		
				Ch. Halstor's Peter Pumpkin ROM ROMC
			Ch. Malpsh Count Your Blessings	
				Malpsh Promises Promises
	Sumersong Bells A Ringing			
				Sumersong Dance In The Sun
			Ch. Sumersong Hurry Sundown	
				Ch. Shawn Dar's Forgot To Tri
		Sumersong Just Plain Jane		
				Ch. Sumersong Hurry Sundown
			Sumersong Escapade In Black	
				Banchory Celestial


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