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July 11, 1987 - May 6, 1999

Elsie McGibbony and her namesake, Elsie

Elsie McGibbony and her namesake, Elsie


"She seems to have an invisible touch, she reaches in and grabs right hold of your heart"
 - Genesis

Elsie pictured at 8 weeks old in September 1987

September 1987
8 weeks old

There was a couple that used to live across the street from us, Cecil "Mac" & Elsie McGibbony.   When we got Ashley, she adored them so much that if they were outside, she just had to go over and visit.  Mac and Elsie didn't have any pets of their own and they loved to lavish attention on our dogs.

Elsie pictured in April 1998

April 1998
10 years old

We used to sit out on Mac & Elsie's front steps on many evenings and just talk for hours.  We thought the world of them. They were about the same age as my parents and we all kind of adopted each other, I guess.  They were so special to us that we named Elsie after Elsie McGibbony.   The two Elsie's adored each other, and if any dog could embody the spirit of Elsie McGibbony, our Elsie is the one.  She has a charisma that endears her to everyone and a playful nature spiced with sense of humor that tells you that despite her age, she still has the heart of a child.

    Elsie and Mac went to live with their daughter in Arizona a few years ago, because Elsie had Alzheimer's and was getting pretty bad. Elsie passed away in February 1998, and Mac, who had suffered numerous strokes, passed away on June 1, 1998. 


Elsie - Double head study


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