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Opie & Mama Kitty

Opie (left) was rescued from the streets of the City of Fredericksburg, along with his mother, Mama Kitty (right).  He was born at the beginning of September 1992 under a house across the street from where I was working.  He was about 6 weeks old when we caught his mother, his solid black sister, Ebony and Opie.  Ebony was adopted by another woman in my office, and Opie and Mama Kitty stayed here.  Opie is a big boy, weighing in at about 13 lbs., while his mother is a tiny 6 lbs.

Mama Kitty


Marquis is another stray that we took in, this one from our own neighborhood.  We believe that he was left behind by people when they moved away.  His name has nothing to do with royalty.  When he started coming around the house, he would always show up after I got home and perch himself on the hood of my car - a Grand Marquis.




Chrissy is a stray that my husband found (or rather she found my husband) at a construction site along the Rappahannock river.  She was hiding up inside of a piece of heavy equipment.  They could hear her crying, and my husband moved farther away from the other workers.  She came out from her hiding place, went past the other workers and to my husband.  Cats instinctively know a sucker when they see one <grin>.   She really is beautiful and looks like a Norwegian Forest cat.



Chessie is the old lady of the manor.  We got her as a kitten in 1983.  She has developed some arthritis and has slowed down a bit, but she still puts the other cats in their place <grin>. 



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