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Awards - 2000

Thank you to all of you who have honored this site with your awards. 

Please take the time to check out these wonderful sites.

Prior Years' Awards

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The Queen Award - WebGraf Italian Web Design

March 15, 2000
Thank you, WebGraf!

PeaceWork Certified Silver Site Award

February 27, 2000
Thank you, Jef, Cyd, Tig 
and Emma-Kate!

The Rainbow Dog-Tag Award

February 25, 2000
Thank you, DaPeaceMonger and Boingo!


Wishing Well Award

February 22, 2000
Thank you, MaryLou!

An Arete Wave of a Site Award

February 21, 2000.
Thank you, Jenny!

Art Rose Gallery Award - Exciting Web Site

January 31, 2000.
Thank you, June!


Women Webmasters Award for Excellence  (site no longer exists)

January 18, 2000
 Thank you, Chantel!

Prior Years' Awards

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