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U-CD Ashley Shanon If Not For You CD "Ashley"

Ashley Angel
June 17, 1986 - August 8, 2002

Ashley ~ Daddy's Little Girl

From the very moment that I laid my eyes on you,
Daddy's Little Girl you were destined to be.
There was something very special about you,
So special that I will always carry it within me.

Ashley Shannon If Not For You,
How fitting your named turned out to be.
You came into my life when I was feeling blue,
You filled a void that was so deep within me.

There was no doubt that GOD created you just for your mom and me,
A little black, white and tan fur-ball who was depending on me.
Where-ever I would go you were bound and determined to follow me,
I then realized that GOD had blessed me with a child - a "fur-child" - it's one in the same to me.

When a new puppy was brought into our home,
You mothered them as if they were your very own.
It was no doubt that you were top dog - the queen of our home,
You always had a gentle way of letting it be known.

When it came to your obedience training it was no secret that that was not your thing,
But Booboo you sure knew how to glow when we were at an obedience show.
Even when you weren't the highest scorer in the ring,
In my heart you were always highest scorer in the show.

You especially loved it when we would play games,
You loved to tug at my pant's leg just to let me know that "Hey, you did it!".
Hide & Seek was one of our favorite games,
Now only this time I am the one who is "IT".

I didn't get the chance to hug you, kiss you and tell you just how much I really do love you,
We didn't get the chance to say our "goodbyes".
There is not a day that goes by that I don't shed a few tears for you,
I only know of one thing that I am sure of - that one glorious day we will say our "hellos" in that big blue sky.

You will always be Daddy's Little Girl
- I love and miss you so much "Ashley Booboo"

August 8th, 2003
1 year anniversary


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