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U-CD Ashley Shanon If Not For You CD "Ashley"
June 17, 1986 - August 8, 2002

Ashley's Memorial  page

Ashley 1986


Ashley is our very first Sheltie, and the one that made us fall in love with the breed. Her registered name comes from the Bob Dylan song that Olivia Newton-John performed, "If Not For You."  Ashley was a great comfort to us during some difficult times, so we felt the name was fitting.  She is every inch a lady.  Clearly the top dog in the house, she has never felt that she had to prove it.  Extremely patient and gentle with each puppy that we have brought home, Ashley quickly gained their respect with just a look or a short bark.  It has amazed us over the years how all the dogs just know she is in control and they have never questioned it.  Ashley has a wonderful temperament.  She will confidently approach people and is gentle and affectionate, but not overbearing.  She is playful without being obnoxious.  The only real fault in her temperament is that she is extremely sensitive and does not want to make a mistake.  When she was being trained in obedience, if she was unsure what to do, or if  she thought you were upset with her, she would just quit. 

Ashley 1998

April 1998
(2 months before her 12th birthday)

We had to make sure that her training was full of a lot of positive reinforcement. She never liked training, but she loved to show.  After the last exercise, she would grab the pant leg of whichever one of us showed her and playfully tug on it all the way back to the ring entrance. We always figured we owed her that much.  She had played our games, so we played one of hers.

We purchased Ashley from a breeder in King George, Virginia.  Although we knew very little about Shelties at the time, we were fortunate to get a dog that is a very nice example of the breed and one that has a very nice pedigree. 

Ashley - head study 1998

April 1998

Ashley's pedigree is one of those wonderful blends of the Sea Isle and Banchory lines.  She is a double great great granddaughter of Peter (Ch. Halstor's Peter Pumpkin) and a great great granddaughter of Am./Can. Ch. Banchory Deep Purple ROM.

We lost Ashley in August 2002, at the age of 16 years.  She was our introduction into the Sheltie breed and remains our inspiration.  Ashley's Memorial  page has a tribute written by her "Daddy" on the one year anniversary of her trip to the Rainbow Bridge. 

Ashley showing strong herding instinct

Showing strong herding instinct....

Ashley herding

Synchronized Herding


Ashley's Show Record



Whelped 6/17/86

16 1/4"

			        Am./Can. Ch. Banchory Deep Purple ROM ROMC (OFA)
			Ch. Harvest Hill's Shoeshine Boy	
				Harvest Hill's Twilite Tear ROM (OFA)
		Ch. Wits' End Nite Shadow Of Dunade		
				Ch. Romayne's Sportin' Life ROM ROMC (OFA)
			Ch. Wits' End Country Charm	
				Ch. Sandmere Mollie Malone CD
	Poplar's Ramblin Man			
				Ch. Halstor's Peter Pumpkin ROM ROMC
			Ch. Kidwelly Two For The Show CD (OFA)	
				Kidwelly Gemini
		Tracean The Gift Of Song		
				Ch. Ken-Robs Thats Life
			Ch. Tracean Amber Lass CD	
				Tracy's Tri Of Taiain CD
U-CD Ashley Shanon If Not For You CD CGC				
				Ch. Halstor's Peter Pumpkin ROM ROMC
			Ch. Creekviews Simply Sam	
				Ch. Creekview's Bit Of Honey ROM
		Ch. Creekviews Doc Of Candlewood CD		
				Ch. Lingard Sealect Bruce ROM ROMC
			Creekviews Dina Mite	
				Ch. Creekviews Sweet Sue
	Poplars' Dusty Dawn			
				Ch. Babinette Better Times
			Ch. Shaldan Sonshine Of Bond Hill	
				Shal-Dan's Wunerful Widget
		Candlewoods Mindy Of Popular		
				Ch. Quilcheenas Blue Legend Of Hi-Hope
			Bon Di Festive Holiday	
				Scothill Cascade Colleen

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