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Allie - heady studyAllie is a very lucky dog. When my husband, Martin, found her, she was frozen with fear and crouched on the double yellow line in the middle of a two lane bridge. From a distance, he saw something in the road, but when she didn't move when trucks drove by her from both directions, he figured it was a piece of truck tire. When Martin got closer and saw that it was a dog, he stopped his truck on the bridge and picked her up. Her fear was probably her saving grace. Had she moved, she likely would have been killed by the traffic, and if she had bolted when my husband approached her, she probably would have never been seen again.

We were never able to locate her owner. The place where she was Allie - full bodyfound was a remote area, so she had probably traveled quite a distance. We tried to give her to friends of ours, figuring she would make a good playmate and companion for their Golden Retriever. Martin took her over to their house, but she jumped their fence to join Martin in the front yard. After that, we figured that only safe place for Allie was with us.

Allie is an affectionate dog, who loves to try and climb into everyone's lap (all 50 pounds of her!). We were concerned about her size and energy level, especially since we have 2 Shelties over 10 years old that are only half her size. Luckily, Allie is very submissive to the other dogs and has been gentle with all of them. The only one that she really plays with is Lindsay, and Lindsay starts most of it! They love to wrestle and play tug-o-war, with Lindsay usually winning.....


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