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Our kennel (which consists of our home <G>) is located in the county of Spotsylvania, Virginia. Although I do the training and showing of our dogs, my husband adores them as much, if not more, than I do and enjoys going to the shows and being my coach.  He doesn't have the patience to train the dogs, but really enjoys teaching obedience and has been an assistant instructor in many of my classes, as well as judging obedience run-throughs. 

We got our first Sheltie in 1986 as a pet. We enrolled her in obedience classes when she was 10 months old and enjoyed it so much that we wanted to continue training. We were fortunate to train with people who were currently showing in obedience, and they encouraged us to work toward earning obedience titles. Ashley earned her CD (Companion Dog) title (our first obedience title) in the Spring of 1989.   Ashley was shown to her first title by my husband.

Our first conformation experience was showing Megan as a puppy in 1991. On  December 1, 1997, Lindsay gave us our first and only litter. We have no current plans to breed any more litters, but I continue to enjoy learning about the breed and participating in discussions with other breeders and fanciers, both on the internet and in person. I have a particular interest in the genetic health of our breed and the development of testing for the problems that are present in Shelties. Having experienced some of these problems in our dogs, we take genetic testing very seriously.

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